Baratza Vario+ 120V Coffee Grinder

Flatt Burr Timed Dosing Grinder - available in Black or White.

Grinders are subject to a 2-3 week lead time from the date ordered.

The Vario+ is the answer to a coffee enthusiast’s wish list for performance, consistency, and cup quality. Built on Baratza’s award-winning legacy, this grinder is sure to deliver. From your first sip of morning espresso to your last taste of an evening brew, the Vario+ is your multipurpose friend!

Dialing in your grind is easy with over 220 steps of adjustment and a durable metal grind chamber. The easy-to-read backlit LCD display makes it easy to get started in the early morning hours.

The Vario+ features time-based dosing down to the tenth of a second. Save up to three programmable time presets, to simplify your brew and get your day started. What makes this grinder friend special is it’s built with super durable flat 54mm ceramic burrs for that perfect cup quality. We have even included the added benefit of an all metal portafilter holder, if espresso is your thing.

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Color Black