Sunstone Black Tea

Sunstone is Spirit Tea's signature breakfast blend, a selection of multiple black tea terroirs melded for a sturdy, satisfying base to a morning. Full-bodied and low in astringency, Sunstone draws its inspiration primarily from the rich black teas of Southwest China, creating something familiar and yet genre-transcending: brisk enough to stand up to what so ever you put in it brilliant and nuanced enough to be sipped on its own. We think it's the best breakfast tea you'll encounter (of course, we're a little biased).

Sourced by Spirit Tea | Chicago, IL

• cocoa
• sweet potato
• black pepper

Region: Southwest China (Yunnan)
Variety: Blend (Primarily Camellia sinensis var. assamica 'Yunkang 10')
Elevation: 1600-2000m
Producer(s): Xu Tianjian

Brewing Recommendation: 5g tea | 340ml water | 205F | 4 minutes

Size 50g retail package