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KENYA KICK IT? (yes you can!)

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Kenya terroir (fancy French word for "of the earth") is bold and unique and gives a very interesting and clear dive into taste of flavors of the beautiful land, and people, it comes from.

Generally speaking, Kenya coffee taste can swing wildly from ripe tomato acidity to screamin' tropical notes. Typically big butterball mouthfeel jammin' on thick, heavy bass notes. The more you notice the top notes, the more terroir you are tasting. Its the buttery boldness that is hard to ignore.


Check the journal notes to get a peek into how we deconstruct, and also, get to know, these beautiful beans. 











For the 1st production roast of the Kenya PB (peaberry) we did

  • Charge Temp - 385 
  • End Temp - 405 
  • 1st crack @ 395 
  • 10:49 roast time 

(notice all the coffee stains on journal entires - our notes are "well loved")

How we got the notes for this Kenya PB

This is an example of what cupping scores looks like. We have a stack of everyone's notes and we compile a conclusion


Here are the final tasting notes we are shooting for on our production roast 
  • Zesty citric acidity, subtle hints of tropical fruits, nuts, and buttery toffee. 
  • Intense crisp, clean and clear 
  • A lively expression of a classic Kenya profile. 

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