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Outdoor Patio with plants and seats.

We are a coffee roasting gang of freewheeling renegades looking to shake up the ant farm. Like all awesome things, Thou Mayest started in a garage back in 2012 and has exploded into a movement of entrepreneurs, artists, activists, business owners and shopkeeps looking for ways to do community better. "Thou Mayest" is seeing your life as a vast, glowing, empty page, waiting to be written by you.

Pickled in philosophy and propelled through action & engagement, we are here to get you buzzed, both AM and PM.

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Core Coffees

Don't be a latte-sleeper! Take a shot at our range of core coffees - from light and balanced to bold and intense, we've got the roast that'll have you perking up!

settle in

We believe life is filled with beautiful experiences, and that coffee is a great companion to encounter that beauty. Whether enjoyed in solitude or shared with a friend, it facilitates a warm nostalgia that floods your senses and settles your soul.

A latte with swirled milk and a out of focus menu on a cafe bar

keep it simple

We source responsibly and take considerable care in the decisions we make. We believe in quality over quantity, so we roast our coffee in small batches. It is our job to get out of the way and let the coffee speak for itself. It’s a beautiful product and has the potential to change your life. 

Coffee bags on top of a quilt with a Thou Mayest logo

take fun seriously

The first and most important thing we can do is get a most excellent drink into your hands. That means you can come to our shop, which we have made into a stimulating space where you can relax or creatively engage. We follow the motto "take fun seriously" and there is no better place to do that, whether alone, or in the company of others, than our shop.

A storefront picture of a Thou Mayest cafe

More Friends - More Fun