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We are honored that with your "Choice" you are choosing Thou Mayest

Thank you for visiting our online store. We have slimmed down our selection to just Coffee products...we used to sell soaps, candles, clothing, equipment, etc but in order to survive Covid...we are focused only on the basics. We scaled up four retail locations in 2019 only to get slammed in 2020. Less than ideal. However, this is part of our journey and we find beauty in the hard work and sacrifice to survive. While we didn't have the choice to go through or not go through Covid...we do have the ability to chose our attitude around it.

Thou Mayest means “the way is open”, as described by John Steinbeck, means life is a journey. Our company is on a journey and we believe that each individual is on a journey too. We invite you to join us on this journey and thank you for including us on yours.

In the fast paced, digital world we live in...we believe in slowing down to honor unique craft, and we promise our best efforts at e
xcellence and small-batch roasting. From the farm, to your cup...we want to join with you on a beautiful experience/adventure into the world of coffee and we strive to represent your dollars spent well!

We believe "the way is open" and we encourage you to #takefunseriously. We believe in you and want to encourage you to believe in yourself. Passion isn't something you find, but it comes from within ourselves.

Sometimes though we all need a little encouragement and we do believe nature and the earth has a way of encouraging passion. As a brand, we hope to empower and embolden people to encounter beauty in the natural world.

We believe we represent the power of an idea, that life is more than mindless consumption, it is the thoughtful, deliberate consideration of the lives we comes into contact, knowingly or not, to bring us the things we love most. It is about living beautifully and honoring the power of our choices.

Thou Mayest, which also implies, Thou Mayest not, which means you have been armed with the power of choice...while our choices now have an affect on the people halfway around the world, you can rest easy, knowing that we are committed to the details, from the farm to your cup.  Thank you for honoring us by spending some of your choice on Thou Mayest.


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