2022 Seasonal Roast

About the coffee...

We released this roast recently on the shelves of our cafés, and they are now available online as well. We wanted to give you a little more information on this very special microlot coffee.

We import and roast “Specialty Grade” coffees. This is the highest grade of beans and is referred to as “high grown”, meaning it typically grows near the top of the mountain. Additionally, it has little to no defects, blemishes, foreign debris (like sticks and rocks), or bug damage.

The coffee industry measures big areas of coffee plants (think bushels or tons) in “lots”. A “microlot” of coffee is a coffee lot that is from a single farm, single harvest, or even a single area on the farm. Simply stated, this is a one-of-a-kind coffee.

A microlot that caught our attention is a natural process Honduran farm owned by Juan Vicente. Juan leaves some of the sweet cherries on the bean after it is picked and the cherries are allowed to dry in the sun, usually on raised screens, to prevent the fruit rotting on the bean. This practice, called “natural processing”, imparts extra sweetness and is responsible for the “brighter” notes like floral, citrus, or berries. When you taste the coffee, you may interpret what you are tasting as acidity, lightness, or brightness.

We received samples and roasted 3 small batches to test out before we bought it. On the tasting (referred to as a “cupping”) table, we were blown away by how sweet this coffee was. In our opinion, this may be the sweetest coffee we have ever released. What makes it even more impressive is the mouthfeel - normally coffees this bright have more of a “tea-like” mouthfeel. After testing and tasting, we decided to buy the microlot, and after we roasted it on our production roaster, we noticed a lot more of the tropical fruit notes coming through.

Sip slowly. This is a limited seasonal release.