Barrel Conditioned Coffee


in collaboration with J. Rieger & Co.

The Purpose

We love our friends and we love to drink great beverages! This coffee was born out of a collaboration between two Kansas City companies, J. Rieger & Co. and Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters. This is an exclusive, experimental product meant to explore the potential of coffee in a spirit barrel. This is a non-alcoholic beverage meant to pull the flavors of the whiskey barrel Caffe Amaro was aged in, into the delicate, raw coffee beans.

Barrel Conditioned Coffee

The Flavor and Character

Some of the notes and flavors we noticed that were pulled into the coffee from the Caffe Amaro barrel include: concord grape, citrus, and honied almond with a winey, viscous character and ultimately, playfully distinguished. The sweetness you will notice comes from the Caffe Amaro and is accentuated when cold brewed.

The Process

One of the primary ingredients in Caffe Amaro is made using a single origin coffee, sourced and roasted by Thou Mayest. The coffee then rests for 24 hours before being ground and turned to a hyper-concentrated cold brew.

J. Rieger & Co. combines this cold brewed coffee with a variety of botanicals including orange, cardamom, vanilla, and gentian. The Caffe Amaro then spends a brief amount of time in a whiskey barrel, resulting in a rich, bittersweet flavor.

After bottling the amaro, Thou Mayest then takes the empty barrels and combines raw, green coffee, introducing the delicate beans to the nuance and pungency of the spirit barrel. The coffee is monitored for moisture control for a time before roasting.

In roasting the beans medium-light, we are able to keep the integrity of the origin, while introducing a wild, yet very natural, experimental component to the coffee.

This product is non-alcoholic.

What makes this spirit so great?