Happy Hour Menu


Image of a bartender speaking with a customer over the bar at Thou Mayest River Quay

Buck $2
can of Stag

Ice Cold Amaro $4
1oz ice cold shot of J. Rieger & Co. Caffe Amaro

Buck Shot $6
can of Stag + 1oz shot of bourbon

Mystery Beer $3
Drink it. You’ll love it. Thou Must.

Pickleback $5
1oz shot of bourbon + 1oz shot of pickle juice

KC Lowlife $7
Miller High Life - pony + 1oz shot of J. Rieger & Co. Caffe Amaro

Wine $7
Red, White, Prosecco

Cocktails $10
· Old Fashioned
· Manhattan
· Caffe Tonic
· Spiked Matcha Limeade
· Espresso Martini
· Caffe Cabana
· Coffee Negroni
· Lemon-Lavender Fizz
· Seasonal G&T