Microlot Series No 2

About This Coffee 
Set in the remote hills of Burundi lies the Muyinga Province. Coffee farmers growing crops in this remote part of the country are a multi-days journey from the nearest wet mill, where the coffee can be carefully processed. Undeterred from what most would call a restraint, the farmers have been naturally processing the past crops on raised beds. The remoteness of their geography have caused the farmers to become masters at the natural processing method. They have developed a 72-hour anaerobic process for closing the coffee cherries in raised beds. This controlled fermentation adds a sweet, but thick jamminess to the coffee as well as other complex multi-layered flavors.
"Hafi" - means "close" in Kirundi and is the hope of the farmers for a nearby washing station someday. 
Hafi coffee is a testament to dedication and mastery.  Classic/general terroir notes of this region of Burundi includes tropical fruits and delicate florals, but with a surprisingly velvety mouthfeel. 
In Burundi, nutrient-rich volcanic soil and high rainfall levels of approximately 1,200mm (about 47 inches) per year create the perfect environment for coffee production. Burundi coffee gets its distinct flavors from the country’s unique terroir - various conditions that contribute to agriculture in a specific area, including:
● Soil quality
● Climate, including rainfall and temperature
● Altitude
● The surrounding natural environment
● The area’s unique agricultural practices, from production to processing

We hope you get a good sense of the dynamic terroir and the masterfully produced coffees from this special region of Burundi. 
We hope you enjoy the fruits of this labor!
- TM Roasting Squad