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Current Blunder: IV Wilder Child

12oz Whole Bean

For your brewing pleasure, we give you our latest - an even Wilder Child.

Flavor Notes: Heavy milk chocolate and baking spices with strong citrus and bright, lively acidity and subtle berry notes as it cools. Don’t miss this blunder!

We have a new crop of Ethiopia coffee coming at you in the next few months so we pulled some out to sample roast (about 80g, or 3oz) then did a few production roasts (about 40-50lbs) to get familiar with the bean.

This is a single origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and is a classic example and highlight of a beautiful region of Ethiopia, known for its production of natural process coffees. Because it’s a natural process coffee, you will see slight variation in color of the beans.

Expect light, bright notes with lighter mouthfeel.

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We are regularly trying new coffees, and here we will feature a roast that we've either enjoyed but won't be releasing, or one that we blundered (we're only human) and are offering at a discount. Either way, this is a once-in-a-lifetime roast so get it before it's gone. Give us your money and trust that we won't put anything bad in your mouth! 

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