Butterfly Pea Flower Herbal Tea

Butterfly pea flower, the Instagrammable petals that turn its brew a bright blue, is native to Southeast Asia and enjoyed, hot and cold, as a tea, tonic, and Ayurvedic remedy. Its indigo petals have made it increasingly popular in the West, thanks to its hearty amount of anthocyanins, a pigment compound found in fruits like blueberries. This harvest comes from the organic gardens of our dear friend, Mr. Chong, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Though naturally earthy and woody in taste, Mr. Chong’s gentle roasting process brings a warm complexity. Acidity will make its bold color change—add lemon juice for violet, roselle hibiscus for a deep red, or tonic water for a bright pink.

Sourced by Spirit Tea | Chicago, IL

• roasted corn
• wood ear mushroom
• summer squash

Region: Mae Saelong, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Variety: Clitoria ternatea
Elevation: 850 - 1200m
Producer: Mr. Chong

Brewing Recommendation: 6g tea | 340ml water | 195°F | 5:00

Size 250g