Kodemari House Matcha

The millennium-old tea of Japanese Tea Ceremony, matcha is created when shade-grown tea leaves are deveined (Tencha) and stone ground into a fine powder. The idea is to pour a small amount of water over the powdered tea and incorporate air with a whisk until a fine froth appears at the surface. Because one consumes the entire leaf in this suspension method—matcha is abundant in chlorophyll, gentle caffeine and amino acids. Our house matcha blend—ideal for signature beverage service—is ground-to-order, making for one of the freshest matchas on the market.
Sourced by Spirit Tea | Chicago, IL

• cherry blossom
• sesame
• toasted rice

Region: Hoshino Village, Yame, Fukuoka
Cultivar: Yabukita, Okuyutaka, Saemidori, and Okumidori Blend
Producer: The Yamaguchis

Brewing Recommendations:
Traditional Hot Whisk (usucha) - 2g, 3oz water, 170 degrees.
Shaken over Ice - 2g, Ice, 6-8oz water - shaken vigorously and served neat.

Size 50g retail package