Volume II: Smooth Operator meets Super Ego

Volume II: Smooth Operator meets Super Ego

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Welcome to the second edition of The Accidental Roast Report. From time to time we make mistakes (we’re only human), and we’re inviting you to join the experience! Give us your money & trust that we won’t put anything bad in your mouth.

(TL;DR) Smooth Egoperator is a bold, silky-smooth ride you don’t want to miss

Late at night last week we were roasting our Smooth Operator coffee, and while it was in the cooling tray a Super Ego coffee was ejected on top of it. These coffees were perfectly roasted, but unintentionally blended together. We tried to liquidate (by drinking it every day at the roasting warehouse) but we have too much and it needs to be consumed ASAP! Could you help us get liquidated?

The Smooth Operator beans are a medium roast and have flavor notes of milk duds & cherry sweetness with a buttery mouthfeel, and the Super Ego are dark roasted with dark & deep notes of dark chocolate, cherry, and a nutty chocolate bar with a syrupy mouthfeel. This blend is about 80% Smooth Op and 20% Super Ego.

Drink it. Enjoy it. Thou Must.

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