Barrel Conditioned Coffee

Every time we age beans in a barrel environment, we introduce many variables that cannot be replicated. Each bean-in-barrel environment is unique and while flavor notes may vary from release to release, know that there is something magical that happens when you cook with spirits.


J. Rieger & Co. Whiskey

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Barrel J. Rieger & Co. Whiskey
J. Rieger & Co. Whiskey
J. Rieger & Co. Whiskey
image of Barrel Conditioned Coffee Caffe Amaro 12 oz bag
Caffé Amaro
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Medium Roast

tastes like: smoky vanilla • cherry sweetness • buttery mouthfeel


The character of this coffee changes as it cools. Flavors really begin to express themselves and deep, boozy sweet notes become more clear as the cup cools. 

• dark chocolate
• caramel
• sweet boozy raspberry
• smoky vanilla
• browned butter
• green apple

Origin: Brazil - “Cocarive Coop”
Region: Carmo de Minas
Farm: Various small landholding farmers
Varietal(s): Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 1200+ masl
Process: Pulped Natural
Common Bean Flavor(s): Milk Duds - cherry sweetness - buttery mouthfeel

Size 12 oz whole